Snow Day!


Looks like everyone came out early to the shop today & are now staying safe & warm at home, so we’ll be closing early ❄ Stop by soon for books & games to get you through the snow day!

Fate Reforged Game Day!
Join us for the Fate Reforged Game Day!

  • Everyone who enters gets a special foil promotional card for signing up (while supplies last)
  • Top 8 wins exclusive full-art promo cards
  • Winner receives a rare exclusive playmat for their victory

Game Day will take place on Saturday, February 14 at 11AM. Cost is $5 and registration is recommended. Stop by the shop, call us at (610) 222-9200, or email us.

>> Read about the Standard Format deck construction rules here.
>> Read more about Fate Reforged and Khans of Tarkir here.

Closed on Sunday 2/8

We will be CLOSED tomorrow, Sunday, February 8, due to utility problems :| We have no heat and no water, but all should be corrected by Monday. Fingers crossed, we will open for normal business on Wednesday. Thank you to the amazingly level-headed Peco service guy who helped out today with not only gas, but also water issues, and to our awesome landlord, Tim, who is making sure the heater & water tank get fixed up first thing Monday.

Opening late on Friday!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will be opening at 4pm on Friday, January 23.

Fate Reforged Buy-a-Box


Order your Fate Reforged box now to receive a special discount and promo card! Cost for the box is $107, and includes 36 booster packs and one alternate-art, foil Shamanic Revelation promo card. Pre-order your box in the store, or by contacting us at (610) 222-9200 or Pick up will be on January 23 at the shop, beginning at 1pm. Orders placed after January 18, will cost $125, and promo cards may no longer be available.

>> Questions? Contact us at (610) 222-9200 or

Magic Prerelease Scheduled!


Join us for the Fate Reforged Prerelease! Pre-registration is NOW open for prerelease events, happening on January 17 and 18. We’ll have maximum prizes, sweet promos, yummy pizza, and of course, awesome people :) Events will be held:

  • Saturday, 1/17, 10am – Sealed
  • Saturday, 1/17, 3pm – Sealed
  • Sunday, 1/18, 12pm – Two-Headed GIANT

Space is limited, so sign up soon: Stop by the shop, call or email: (610) 222-9200 or

At the Fate Reforged prerelease, players choose their clan. While they complete three achievements, they follow in Sarkhan’s footsteps to attempt to alter fate; they get to “Heal Ugin” and “Gain a glimpse of the future.” The latter comes in the form of a special “Ugin’s Fate” booster pack containing two alternate art cards that show how the world has changed in the new timeline, a token and a basic land card. There’s a pool of 40 alternate art cards with a holo foil stamp (mainly from Khans of Tarkir, a few from Fate Reforged, one mythic), the main change in the art being that there are dragons now. In addition, the basic lands also have alternate art, showing off Tarkir of the past. (Source)

Each event is $27for your Prerelease Pack , pizza, and prizes. EVERY player who completes all his/her rounds will receive 1 booster pack; top 3 players will win additional packs. Additional prizes from the shop will be given, too! Why should you pre-register?

  • So you have a guaranteed spot at the event! Day-of registration will be available, but only if spots are open, of course :)
  • You’ll have the best chance of getting your first choice color.
  • Save 3 bucks – day-of registration will be $30.

Space is limited,so sign up soon: Stop by the shop, call or email: (610) 222-9200 or

Sarkhan Vol travels 1,280 years back in time, to change the moment that sealed Tarkir’s fate: the battle between Nicol Bolas and Ugin, the demise of the latter and all dragons of Tarkir (Crux of Fate). The clans still exist back in the time; they are not fighting each other but are constantly fending off the legion hordes of dragons that are terrorizing their world. Sarkhan meets khans of the past, like Yasova Dragonclaw. The history of Tarkir is rewritten. Read more by clicking here.

December FNM Promo

Hey there, Magic players: Due to administrative issues with Wizards, we do not have any December promos. We will still hold FNM through December, but will be giving out previous months’ promos. We’re really sorry for the bummer news :-/ We’re doing everything we can on our end to get things fixed in time for January’s FNM!

Special orders for the Holidays!

When it comes to special orders for the holidays, now is the best time to make them.  We have plenty of time to help you choose your items, check stock from our distributors, and ensure that we’ll have your books, games, and toys for the lowest possible price.  Here are some common special order items that we can help you with:

Games & gaming accessories: Exotic boardgames, fancy die, starter and event decks, expansion packs, Magic: the Gathering rares, miniatures, rulebooks, deck sleeves and boxes, play mats.

Toys: Pop! Vinyls, tokidoki blind boxes, action figures, lunchboxes, My Little Pony, blind bags.

Comic books:  Single issues to fill in a collection.  Whether it’s a recent run of comic books, or something older, we can order back issues from our distributor or track down out-of-print issues from a variety of sources.  Recent collections we’ve helped fill are Silver Surfer, Star Wars, Trinity War, Villains Month.

Variant issues:  Some comic book series print issues with a few different covers, called variants.  These are usually produced in smaller quantities than the regular cover and can become very collectible, and we’re happy to help track specific ones down.  Recent variants we’ve tracked down are Infinity, Kiss Kids, Red Sonya.

First printings:  The first time a comic book has been printed.  When a comic book is first produced, the publishers have to estimate the demand for that book.  Once the book hits the stores and demand can be determined more accurately, the publishers will print a second run of the book.  That first fun, called a first print, is often more sought after by readers, because they’re more rare.  We’ve helped track down first issues of Doctor Who, Joker’s Daughter, Spider-Man.

Trade paperbacks:  Collected volumes of a comic book series.  For series that have been around for 6+ months, we can order the story in a paperback volume, which typically collects 5-7 issues.  Trade paperbacks are usually read when the comic book series is current and still being written/drawn.  Some current popular trades are Saga, Morning Glories, Locke and Key, Walking Dead.

Hardcovers: Hardcovers are collected volumes similar to trade paperbacks, but presented in a more collectible, attractive manner.  Hardcovers either collect a larger volume of issues than a trade (10-12 issues vs. 5-7 issues) or are produced when a series is complete.  In either case, the larger-sized pages displays bigger art and they look really nice on the bookshelf :)  Popular hardcovers in the shop are Earth 2, Y the Last Man, Walking Dead, Watchmen.

Graphic novels: Contained stories within one book.  Unlike trade paperbacks, graphic novels are self-contained stories within one book, and in most cases are available in paperback or hardcover.  Popular graphic novels are Batman: The Killing Joke, Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Boondock Saints.

Compendium/Omnibus:  A massive collection of a comic book series.  These are trade paperbacks on steroids, collecting 20-100 issues into a series, presented in paperback form or hardcover.  Some of the more collectible versions of these are produced in an extra-large format, displaying the art beautifully, and come in a case.

Please contact at the shop with any questions, or if you need help with suggestions and  recommendations!

Moving Update

10704142_758764764203874_3830925716978490847_nWe’ve been working hard to get the new space ready in time for our big move this week — here’s a sneak peek of the new floors :)

We will be open tomorrow, Thursday, November 13, however, with a very limited selection.  We’ll make sure this week’s books, customer pull boxes, and Magic cards are available.  The rest of the merchandise will be en route and not available until Friday evening or Saturday, once we open at the new space.  Open Game Night will also happen as scheduled on Thursday.

This week’s Friday Night Magic will be the very last happening in the old space; registration opens at 6:15 and the the draft will begin promptly at 6:30.

We appreciate your patience and to everyone who has helped out so far, THANK YOU! :)

We’re moving!

new wave_moving image

On November 15, New Wave Comics will be in a new home at 4020 Skippack Pike, the corner of Mensch Road and Route 73.  This new location provides much needed space, as well as a restroom :)  We’re planning (and praying!) that there will be no interruption of business hours during the move.  Thank you to our landlords, Butch and Beth, for helping make our first 17 months in Skippack such a positive and fun experience — we’re going to miss you and all of our other awesome neighbors in the Victorian Carriage Shops!