Special orders for the Holidays!

When it comes to special orders for the holidays, now is the best time to make them.  We have plenty of time to help you choose your items, check stock from our distributors, and ensure that we’ll have your books, games, and toys for the lowest possible price.  Here are some common special order items that we can help you with:

Games & gaming accessories: Exotic boardgames, fancy die, starter and event decks, expansion packs, Magic: the Gathering rares, miniatures, rulebooks, deck sleeves and boxes, play mats.

Toys: Pop! Vinyls, tokidoki blind boxes, action figures, lunchboxes, My Little Pony, blind bags.

Comic books:  Single issues to fill in a collection.  Whether it’s a recent run of comic books, or something older, we can order back issues from our distributor or track down out-of-print issues from a variety of sources.  Recent collections we’ve helped fill are Silver Surfer, Star Wars, Trinity War, Villains Month.

Variant issues:  Some comic book series print issues with a few different covers, called variants.  These are usually produced in smaller quantities than the regular cover and can become very collectible, and we’re happy to help track specific ones down.  Recent variants we’ve tracked down are Infinity, Kiss Kids, Red Sonya.

First printings:  The first time a comic book has been printed.  When a comic book is first produced, the publishers have to estimate the demand for that book.  Once the book hits the stores and demand can be determined more accurately, the publishers will print a second run of the book.  That first fun, called a first print, is often more sought after by readers, because they’re more rare.  We’ve helped track down first issues of Doctor Who, Joker’s Daughter, Spider-Man.

Trade paperbacks:  Collected volumes of a comic book series.  For series that have been around for 6+ months, we can order the story in a paperback volume, which typically collects 5-7 issues.  Trade paperbacks are usually read when the comic book series is current and still being written/drawn.  Some current popular trades are Saga, Morning Glories, Locke and Key, Walking Dead.

Hardcovers: Hardcovers are collected volumes similar to trade paperbacks, but presented in a more collectible, attractive manner.  Hardcovers either collect a larger volume of issues than a trade (10-12 issues vs. 5-7 issues) or are produced when a series is complete.  In either case, the larger-sized pages displays bigger art and they look really nice on the bookshelf :)  Popular hardcovers in the shop are Earth 2, Y the Last Man, Walking Dead, Watchmen.

Graphic novels: Contained stories within one book.  Unlike trade paperbacks, graphic novels are self-contained stories within one book, and in most cases are available in paperback or hardcover.  Popular graphic novels are Batman: The Killing Joke, Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Boondock Saints.

Compendium/Omnibus:  A massive collection of a comic book series.  These are trade paperbacks on steroids, collecting 20-100 issues into a series, presented in paperback form or hardcover.  Some of the more collectible versions of these are produced in an extra-large format, displaying the art beautifully, and come in a case.

Please contact at the shop with any questions, or if you need help with suggestions and  recommendations!

Moving Update

10704142_758764764203874_3830925716978490847_nWe’ve been working hard to get the new space ready in time for our big move this week — here’s a sneak peek of the new floors :)

We will be open tomorrow, Thursday, November 13, however, with a very limited selection.  We’ll make sure this week’s books, customer pull boxes, and Magic cards are available.  The rest of the merchandise will be en route and not available until Friday evening or Saturday, once we open at the new space.  Open Game Night will also happen as scheduled on Thursday.

This week’s Friday Night Magic will be the very last happening in the old space; registration opens at 6:15 and the the draft will begin promptly at 6:30.

We appreciate your patience and to everyone who has helped out so far, THANK YOU! :)

We’re moving!

new wave_moving image

On November 15, New Wave Comics will be in a new home at 4020 Skippack Pike, the corner of Mensch Road and Route 73.  This new location provides much needed space, as well as a restroom :)  We’re planning (and praying!) that there will be no interruption of business hours during the move.  Thank you to our landlords, Butch and Beth, for helping make our first 17 months in Skippack such a positive and fun experience — we’re going to miss you and all of our other awesome neighbors in the Victorian Carriage Shops!

Zombie Crawl update!

zombie crawl 2014 posterTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Only a few spots are left for the Zombie Crawl happening on Thursday, October 30! Crawlers will get professional zombie makeup by Matt Phoenix of Phoenix Burn Productions, then head over to some of our favorite Skippack establishments for drinks and good times!  Hotel Fiesole, Justin’s Carriage House and Basta Pasta will have drinks and snacks for our zombies.  In addition:

  • Justin’s will have live music by the awesome Dirk Quinn Band.
  • Basta Pasta will have a rep giving out Heaven & Hell shot samples and other giveaways, and raffles for Bud Light and Shocktop Pumpkin raffle drawings.

Pre zombie crawl, we’ll have pizza from Skippack Pizza. All zombies will get treats from Skippack Sweet Spot, and post zombie crawl, we’ll be watching Shaun of the Dead at the shop.

Cost is $25 for zombie makeup, a drink at each of our stops, pizza, candy and the movie showing. Tickets are now available for purchase in the shop and MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE.

Questions? Contact Jason or Mikaela at (610) 222-9200 or info@newwavecomics.net


Halloween ComicFest

nw_comicfest 2015 b

Each year, Halloween ComicFest is celebrated at local comic book shops on the Saturday before Halloween. During ComicFest, comic book shops give away special Halloween books and have other activities to celebrate the season and comic books! This Saturday, October 25, you can stop by New Wave Comics to pick up your books, get a superhero tattoo, have some snacks, and meet a Stormtrooper. We’ll be open 11am-7pm; the Stormtrooper will be around 12pm-4pm. There’s also a ComicFest costume contest — wear your costume to the shop and we’ll take your picture and enter it into the contest!

FRIDAY 10/17

WE WILL BE OPENING LATE ON FRIDAY: Due to scheduling conflicts, we will be opening at 3pm tomorrow, instead of 1pm. We apologize for the inconvenience! We’ll be open 3pm until 10pm — see you then

Skippack’s Girls Night Out


Happening Thursday, October 23:  Grab your girlfriends and come out for an evening of relaxed autumn shopping! Girls Night Out at several of your favorite Skippack merchants features drawings, fun libations, light fare, fantastic finds and some awesome discounts for our valued customers. Participating shops will be open until 8pm:

Southwest Trading Post
Engage Art Studio
The Copper Partridge Uniquities
New Wave Comics & Collectibles
Skippack Eye Care
Merle Norman – Skippack, PA
Artisans Nest
The Village Irish Shop
Village Wine Cellar Skippack
After5 Gifts
Timeless Styles Boutique
Page Six…it’s Haute
The Skippack Hope Chest
Wooden Duck Shop
Pennsylvania Traditions
Le Butler’s Pantry

Skippack Zombie Crawl 2014

zombie crawl 2014 posterTHIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

On Thursday, October 30, get zombified by one of our favorite customers and professional makeup artist, Matt Phoenix of Phoenix Burn Productions, then head over to some of our favorite Skippack establishments for drinks and good times!

We’ll be going to Hotel Fiesole, Justin’s Carriage House and Basta Pasta in Skippack. All zombies will also get treats from Skippack Sweet Spot :) Pre zombie crawl, we’ll have pizza from Skippack Pizza, and post zombie crawl, we’ll be watching Shaun of the Dead at the shop.

Cost is $25 for zombie makeup, a drink at each of our stops, pizza, candy and the movie showing. Tickets will be available beginning October 15 in the shop and MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE.

Questions? Contact Jason or Mikaela at (610) 222-9200 or info@newwavecomics.net


Corporate Chaos Release Happy Hour!

corporate chaos 01PLEASE NOTE:  Due to this special gaming event, our regularly scheduled Open Game Night will be cancelled for this week.

Calling all gamers and workaday-ers! Come and join us for the release party for Corporate Chaos, a new independent card game about the life of a corporate drone. You’ll be able to try the game out and buy it for a special price on Thursday, October 2.  We’ll be celebrating the release with a Happy Hour-style (of course!) open house event with snacks and soft drinks from 5pm-8:30pm.  Our friends from Country Creek Winery will also stop by later in the evening to do a tasting.  We’ll also be giving away door prizes and a prize for the best Corporate Chaos cosplay (costumes are not required for the event, of course :) ). Register for the release by stopping in the shop, calling us at (610) 222-9200 or emailing us at info@newwavecomics.net.

About the game:  In Corporate Chaos, you and your fellow ‘corporate drones’ struggle to keep your job. You also don’t want to get promoted or else you will become part of the soulless corporate machine. Try not to get too stressed out though or you’ll burn out.

Corporate Chaos was developed right here in Montgomery County by Sam and Tom Galindo, who are also New Wave regulars.  C’mon out for a great time and to support these local creators!

Connect with Corporate Chaos:

Great Read for Girls: Princeless

PRINCELESS_PREVIEW_CoverThere are some really great books out right now that spotlight female lead characters, featuring girls and young woman in positions of power and strength — so very cool :) There are several current popular female leads, including Marvel’s newly released Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and the upcoming Thor. One that we’re currently loving is Princeless, by independent publisher Action Lab, which not only casts several strong ladies, but also characters of color:

Princeless features the 16-year-old Adrienne Ashe, a princess of color whose parents locked her away in a tower, where she was to await rescue by a handsome prince strong enough to slay the dragon guarding her.  Adrienne has other ideas, and instead finds a sword, escapes the tower, and befriends the dragon.  Together, the two set off to rescue her sisters who are similarly locked away, finding tons of adventure, many friends, and a few adversaries along the way.

“[T]here are no damsels in this story,” says Princeless creator Jeremy Whitley. “These girls all have (or are finding) agency.  They are all heroes and they are the ones doing the rescuing. Princeless is…unique in the fantasy and comics world [in that] Adrienne is a woman and princess of color.  Her sidekick, Bedelia, is a mixed [ethnicity] girl from two very different worlds whose overcome a lot to be where she is… [and] Raven is a character of Asian descent who fights alongside (and sometimes against) Adrienne to right a wrong and reclaim her birthright.”  Princeless is “an action comic about fully dressed (often in armor), capable, self-determining, ambitious, sword fighting, dragon riding, rule breaking girls.” In the series, you’ll find “hugging, hair cutting, fairy tale reading, and occasionally even the color pink.  But first and foremost there are these amazing things that there just aren’t nearly enough of in comics – GIRLS!”

This book is not just great for kids and young women — all readers will appreciate the humor and satire in the writing, the colorful and vibrant art, the well developed characters, and energetic story.  You can pick up issues #1-4 (#1 is only a buck!) of Princeless at the shop.  We’ll have volumes one and two of the tradepaperbacks back in stock next week; please contact us at (610) 222-9200 or info@newwavecomics.net if you’d like to reserve a copy.

Written by Jeremy Whitley, art by Mia Goodwin and Ted Brandt. Nominated for the 2012 Glyph Comics Awards; Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Female Character and Best Cover.  Nominated at the 2012 Eisner Awards; Best Single Issue and Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12).

Image credit
Princeless tumblr
Action Lab Comics Wikipedia