Great Read for Girls: Princeless

PRINCELESS_PREVIEW_CoverThere are some really great books out right now that spotlight female lead characters, featuring girls and young woman in positions of power and strength — so very cool :) There are several current popular female leads, including Marvel’s newly released Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and the upcoming Thor. One that we’re currently loving is Princeless, by independent publisher Action Lab, which not only casts several strong ladies, but also characters of color:

Princeless features the 16-year-old Adrienne Ashe, a princess of color whose parents locked her away in a tower, where she was to await rescue by a handsome prince strong enough to slay the dragon guarding her.  Adrienne has other ideas, and instead finds a sword, escapes the tower, and befriends the dragon.  Together, the two set off to rescue her sisters who are similarly locked away, finding tons of adventure, many friends, and a few adversaries along the way.

“[T]here are no damsels in this story,” says Princeless creator Jeremy Whitley. “These girls all have (or are finding) agency.  They are all heroes and they are the ones doing the rescuing. Princeless is…unique in the fantasy and comics world [in that] Adrienne is a woman and princess of color.  Her sidekick, Bedelia, is a mixed [ethnicity] girl from two very different worlds whose overcome a lot to be where she is… [and] Raven is a character of Asian descent who fights alongside (and sometimes against) Adrienne to right a wrong and reclaim her birthright.”  Princeless is “an action comic about fully dressed (often in armor), capable, self-determining, ambitious, sword fighting, dragon riding, rule breaking girls.” In the series, you’ll find “hugging, hair cutting, fairy tale reading, and occasionally even the color pink.  But first and foremost there are these amazing things that there just aren’t nearly enough of in comics – GIRLS!”

This book is not just great for kids and young women — all readers will appreciate the humor and satire in the writing, the colorful and vibrant art, the well developed characters, and energetic story.  You can pick up issues #1-4 (#1 is only a buck!) of Princeless at the shop.  We’ll have volumes one and two of the tradepaperbacks back in stock next week; please contact us at (610) 222-9200 or if you’d like to reserve a copy.

Written by Jeremy Whitley, art by Mia Goodwin and Ted Brandt. Nominated for the 2012 Glyph Comics Awards; Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Female Character and Best Cover.  Nominated at the 2012 Eisner Awards; Best Single Issue and Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12).

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Princeless tumblr
Action Lab Comics Wikipedia

Khans of Tarkir events scheduled


The new Magic: The Gathering deck is on it’s way and we’re excited to celebrate with three Prerelease events and a Game Day!  We’ll be hosting Prerelease events on Saturday 9/20 and Sunday 9/21, and Game Day on Saturday 10/18.  Registration is recommended for all events.  Follow the links below for all the details:

>> Click here for info on the Buy-a-Box program
>> Click here to learn about the Khans of Tarkir Prereleases
>> Click here to learn about the Khans of Tarkir Game Day

Magic 2015 Core Set Game Day!

Facebook_Wallpaper_GameDayJoin us for the 2015 Core Set/M15 Game Day on Saturday, August 9 at 3PM!

  • Everyone who enters gets a special foil promotional card for signing up (while supplies last)
  • Top 8 wins exclusive full-art promo cards
  • Winner receives a rare exclusive playmat for their victory

>> Cost is $5 and REGISTRATION IS RECOMMENDED. Stop by the shop, call us at (610) 222-9200, or email

Read about the Standard Format deck construction rules by clicking here.

Read more about the 2015 Core Set by clicking here.

Game Night & Hour Changes!


To better accommodate our awesome comic book and gaming customers, we are making a couple switches to our schedule.  Beginning in August, Open Gaming Night will move to Thursday and Modern Magic will move to every-other-Wednesday.  As a result, we will also be changing our hours on Wednesday to 12noon – 7pm and on Thursday to 3pm – 9pm.  All other game schedules and store hours will remain the same. We hope this will alleviate some of the congestion that our New Comic Book Day customers experience in the shop on Wednesdays, as well as give our Open Gaming Night customers more space.  If you’ve been in the shop on a recent Wednesday, you know how crowded it can get!  Hopefully, this will give everyone a little more breathing room and make your time in the shop even more enjoyable :) In order to prepare for these changes, there will be no Open Gaming Night on July 23 or July 30, and we will be closing at 8pm on those nights.  We very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition into this new schedule!

>> As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, we’re happy to hear from you! :) Please call or email Mikaela and Jason: (610) 222-9200 or

To recap, here’s the Wednesday-Thursday schedule for the next several weeks:

  • Thurs. 7/17: Modern MTG, open 3pm-7pm
  • Weds. 7/23: New Comic Book Day, open 12pm-8pm (No Open Gaming Night)
  • Thurs. 7/24: Open 3pm-7pm
  • Weds. 7/30: New Comic Book Day, open 12pm-8pm (No Open Gaming Night)
  • Thurs. 7/31: Modern MTG, open 3pm-7pm
  • Weds. 8/6: New Comic Book Day, open 12pm-7pm
  • Thurs. 8/7: Open Gaming Night, open 3-9pm
  • Weds. 8/13: New Comic Book Day, Modern MTG, open 12pm-7pm
  • Thurs. 8/14: Open Gaming Night, open 3-7pm
  • Weds. 8/21: New Comic Book Day, open 12pm-7pm
  • Thurs. 8/22:Open Gaming Night, open 3-7pm
  • Weds. 8/28: New Comic Book Day, Modern MTG, open 12pm-7pm
  • Thurs. 8/29: Open Gaming Night, open 3-7pm

You can see all of our upcoming hours and events on our calendar by clicking here.

Special hours for 4th of July

4th_July_Flyer_2014_LROn Friday, July 4, we will be open from 10am until 2pm.

Skippack Village will be hosting a Fourth of July parade at 11am and a BBQ at Parc Bistro at 3pm. Later in the evening, fireworks will be held at Palmer Park, located next to Skippack Elementary School, with parking areas off Heckler Road and Creamery Road.

We will NOT be hosting our usual Friday Night Magic, and Skippack’s First Friday events will NOT be held.  Have a safe, fun, and happy holiday!

Trees: Ellis & Howard

10361408_665659750181043_5319669909605630001_nWe have ONE more copy of Trees left in the shop! They flew off the shelf this week, and we can see why.

Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Jason Howard, the first issue tells the story of huge alien “trees” that landed on Earth 10 years ago. Unable to recognize our inhabitants as neither alive nor intelligent, the trees simply inhabit the Earth… and then do nothing. Resilient as we humans are, when we could not destroy them, we adapted, creating a new normal.  “While the background is this science-fiction concept,” Howard says, “the story itself [is] very human.”

Play Conspiracy at FNM on 6/6!

Key_ArtOn June 6, Rather than our regular Friday Night Magic, we will be playing Conspiracy. Registration starts at 6:15pm, and the game starts at 6:30pm. $15 for packs and prizes. This event is sanctioned by Wizards Play Network.
>> Read more about Standard by clicking here.

Book & Brew Review: She Hulk & Southern Rye IPA

This is the ninth in a new series by shop regular, Chris Haas, The Book & Brew Review.

>> Book: She Hulk #4

nw_book & brew SHEHULK2014004-DC11-5e4b2Faithful readers (or reader…), I have grown lazy. It has been quite some time since my last post. Originally, I intended to do one of these every other week but it seems I have slipped up a bit. Here’s to remedying that situation.

Kevin Wada has been supplying the covers for this new series involving the green hulking lady who happens to practice law on the side. And I truly hope it stays that way. The colors are so bright; they explode off the page, especially with using a slightly darker green as the background. The clever way he draws Matt Murdock’s shadow with the horns makes me smile.

Another aspect I enjoy is how sharp he draws the characters. Look at how everything comes to that point, whether it is her jacket or her hair. Matt Murdock’s shoulder is practically a right angle. It can come off as very cartoony but I do love this approach.

Speaking earlier of how She-Hulk is a lawyer on the side, it is quite refreshing that this comic actually focuses more attention on her legal issues rather than the usual fighting and action a superhero tends to get involved in. Kudos to Marvel for another series that is female driven and quite well written.

>> Brew: Susquehanna Brewing Company’s Southern Rye IPA

nw_book & brew aviary_13995992844881Here’s the plan. The next time I visit a beer store, if they sell custom six packs, I will try my best to find every Rye beer they have. It’s become a little obsession at the moment. Up until recently, I had not had the privilege, but now, I will do my best to make up for lost time.

It’s such a new flavor to me. I love that the rye smell is so strong. I would almost think that I had rye bread sitting in front of me, ready to consume. But alas, just beer. I’m just kidding about that “just beer” line. Blasphemy.

As an IPA, I recommend to anyone. It is not overly hoppy. There’s a tropical fruitiness that works well with the rye flavor. As I said earlier, this type of brew is a new favorite and I look forward to having it again. Honorable mention goes to Susquehanna Brewing Company, another new brewery for yours truly. I found it surprising that the beer ABV was 8.6%. Sneaky in its alcohol content, the smell and flavor are well worth the low price I paid at CJ’s Doghouse in Lansdale, PA (random plug).

Before checking out, I would also like to recommend Triumph Brewery and the rye beer they produce.  They’ve developed a much stronger flavor if you happen to be looking for that. Rye beer geeking has commenced.

Opening late 5/11

We will be opening at 12noon on Sunday, May 11, to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Take your momma out for brunch and we’ll see you at the shop later! :)

Friday Night Magic Update


Friday Night Magic:  Our Friday night Magic booster draft registration starts at 6:15pm, and the game starts at 6:30pm. Each week alternates between a Draft and Standard:

  • Upcoming Draft dates are 5/16, 5/30, 6/13, 6/27, 7/18, 8/1, 8/29
  • Upcoming Standard dates are 5/23, 6/20, 7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/2

Draft is $15 (includes three packs), Standard is $8, prizes for top three awarded at each. This event is sanctioned by Wizards Play Network.