Origins Game Day will NOT be held

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We will not be hosting a Game Day for Magic: the Gathering Origins. We plan to pick back up with Game Day for the Zendikar release, on October 25. We’ll continue to hold Origins drafts for Friday Night Magic with special incentives until then, so please join us!

MTG Prerelease: June 11 & 12

origins 300 x 250 Prerelease

Join us for the Origins Prerelease! Pre-registration is NOW open for prerelease events, happening on July 11 & 12. Prize support for prerelease events will include both ORIGINS & MODERN MASTERS packs! We’ll have prizes, sweet promos, free pizza & of course, awesome people :) Events will be held:

  • Saturday, 7/11, 10am – Sealed, 4 rounds
  • Saturday, 7/11, 3pm – Two-Headed GIANT, 3 rounds
  • Sunday, 7/12, 12pm – Two-Headed GIANT, 3 rounds

Each event is $30 for your Prerelease Pack, pizza & prizes. Why should you pre-register?:

  • So you have a guaranteed spot at the event! Day-of registration will be available, but only if spots are open, of course :)
  • You’ll have the best chance of getting your first choice color.
  • Save 5 bucks — DAY-OF REGISTRATION WILL BE $35

>> Space is limited,so sign up soon: Stop by the shop, call or email: (610) 222-9200 or

Magic Origins is a set that explores what it means to start out on a magical journey, and how we change as we progress through our lives. It focuses on five of Magic’s most prominent characters, letting you explore their backstories and transformations as they became Planeswalkers. You’ll get to see their home worlds, learn about the joys and crises of their early lives, and discover how they became the Multiverse-traveling Planeswalkers we know today. Magic Origins is designed to be accessible to introductory players, like a core set, but with new mechanics that express these themes of growing over time. Magic Origins also plants the seed for Magic’s future storylines, allowing you an insider’s glimpse of what’s to come. Magic Origins serves as the prologue for some epic stories, and it’s your chance to be there at the start. (Source)


We’ll be closing at 4pm on Saturday, July 4th. We’ll be open on Sunday for our regular hours, 11am-5pm.

Love Won

Celebrating the June 26 SCOTUS ruling at the shop.  Love (finally) won <3

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In-store COVEN #1 launch party!


Join us for the launch of Coven #1, a new book by local publisher, Zenescope, on Wednesday, July 1, 3-7pm. Joe Brusha, co-owner of Zenescope & Coven creator will be in the shop for signings & shop exclusives. We’re an authorized signature site for CBCS grading company — get your book signed at the event & send it out for a grade & an Authentic Signature Label.

About Coven:
Coven COVEN takes place in present day and follows a powerful witch named Baba Yaga in her attempt to save her niece – a young woman named Avril Williams – who’s being hunted by a radical group called the “New Crusaders.” The New Crusaders are sworn to eradicate witches throughout the world, but they want to take Avril alive and use her immense but untapped power for their own devices.

>> Questions? Contact the shop at

New FNM incentives through the Summer!

feature155_fnmCelebrate summer at New Wave Comics with some sweet Friday Night Magic incentives! Join us on Friday nights throughout the summer season, June 21-September 23, & enjoy some extras:

  • Bring a new player or a friend who hasn’t been in the shop yet in 2015 & get a FREE BOOSTER PACK.
  • FNM top winners will get to choose a card from the PRIZE BOX. Cards are hidden, so it’s a game of chance, but we assure you, there are some sweet singles in there!
  • $12 DRAFT every week
  • Tasty PRIZE SUPPORT: 8-11 players – 1st/3 packs, 2nd/2 packs, 3rd/1 pack; 12+ players – 1st/6 packs, 2nd/4 packs, 3rd/2 packs.


  • June — It’s warm outside, but it’s getting frosty at Friday Night Magic as Frost Walker, a tragically terrifying 4/1 Elemental, comes bounding to a June FNM near you.
  • July — Your eyes do not deceive you. Participate in an FNM in July and you might just walk away with one of the best removal spells ever printed. Path to Exile is a near-universal staple in Modern, and July will grant you an opportunity to stand out further from the pack with this new version, now featuring art from Raf Sarmento. In celebration of Modern Masters 2015 Edition, both July and August FNM promos will be Modern staples. What will August’s be? Tune in next month to find out.
  • August — Do you see? Do you see? Your vision of the future will be 20/20 come August when Serum Visions, with art by Dan Scott, comes to an FNM near you.
  • September — Promo TBA

Friday Night Magic starts at 6:30pm. Contact the shop at with any questions.

MTG Commander Event


We are hosting our 1st competitive MTG Commander event on SUNDAY 6/28 at 1PM. This will be a 1-versus-1 event & $8 buy-in. Prizes include store credit & a commander deck for the overall winner. Contact us to pre-register:

>> Read more about the Commander format here.