Check out Marvel’s books on sale 6/13/2018!

Marvel titles this week include: Marvel Rising Alpha #1 w/ Ms Marvel & Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

More Marvel #1’s?!? Thor #1 comes out this week and features Jason Aaron writing & Mike Del Mundo art (w/ help from Christian Ward)! Check out the 1:50 Ribic variant & the 1:25 Ward variant below! Deadpool Assassin #1 also comes out on Wednesday.

The next installment villain books Darth Vader, Thrawn & Venom (yes, we are getting the Sam Kieth & Del Mundo variants for Venom) release in addition to Punisher, X-Men Blue and Marvel Two-in-one (The Thing vs Infamous Iron Man team-up Annual #1).

The 8 year, 6-issue limited series of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes to a close. If you haven’t read this, give it a shot, it’s worth the read and you don’t have to wait 8 years for the series to end!

Finally, the Hunt for Wolverine continues in Admantium Agenda while the Infinity Countdown, well, counts down.

Kieth 1:50 variant                                                           Del Mundo 1:25 variant


Ribic 1:50 variant                                                           Ward 1:25 variant



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Podcast #6: Medieval Marvels, Archie Awesomeness & a couple klunkers.

Podcast #6 (recorded 5/25/2018). In this podcast we review 6 yet-to-be-released books!

  • Archie #31
  • Buffy Season 12 #1
  • By Night #1
  • Stellar #1 & 2
  • ClanKillers #1
  • Sword Daughter #1

Listen as we discuss why calling someone a ‘ginger’ is offensive, Khoi almost criticizes a fellow artist and we get medieval on your ass!


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Podcast #5: FCBD 2018, Flash War Flurry & Quicksilver Slows Down!

Podcast #5 (recorded 5/4/2018). In this podcast we review 5 yet-to-be-released books!

  • Black Panther #1 (Ta-Nahisi Coates & Daniel Acuna: release date 5/23)
  • Flash #47 “Flash War” part 1 (Joshua Williamson & Howard Porter: release date 5/23)
  • Witchfinder: Gates of Heaven #1 (Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson & D’Israeli: release date 5/23)
  • Ruinworld #1 (Derek Laufman: release date 7/11)
  • Quicksilver: No Surrender #1 (Saladin Ahmed, Eric Nguyen, & Martin Simmonds: release date 5/16)

Listen as we discuss Free Comic Book Day, the awesomeness of Quicksilver and more!


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Check out Marvel’s books for sale on 5/16/2018!

The Mighty Thor Gates of Valhalla #1 comes out this week and starts a new direction by Jason Aaron and superstar artist, Ramon K. Perez. You’ll also be treated to a Jane Foster tribute by Jason Aaron and rising star, Jen Bartel!

  • X-Men #1 The Wedding issue of Kitty and Colossus with a cover by J. Scott Campbell!
  • The Hunt for Wolverine continues in The Claws of the Killer #1.
  • Quicksilver No Surrender #1 is a wild read, check out our latest podcast to hear a review of the book.

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Free Comic Book Day 2018 @ New Wave Comics & Collectibles!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that made this yet another aWeSoMe Free Comic Book Day! It was an incredible day and we blew through a huge amount of free comics. We gave away so many books that we’re going to increase our orders for next year by at least 25%!

As I was uploading the pictures it hit me why we not only host Free Comic Book Day, but also why we opened the shop nearly 5 years ago:  Seeing all the smiling faces and having a place where people feel comfortable to be who they are is what it’s all about.

Thanks again, we’re proud to be your local comic book store.

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