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What comic should I check out?

1053121_500433823370304_1758007165_oYou might be asking yourself, “what comic should I read that I might not know about?” Savage Wolverine #6 is the start of a new story arc by Zeb Wells, Joe Madureira and Peter Steigerwald. This features not only Wolverine and Spiderman, but also the Kingpin, Elektra, the Avengers, Lady Bullseye and the Hand. Basically, Wolverine and Elektra have to join the Kingpin to thwart the resurrection of a deadly villain. There’s also an introduction of a new villain trio, the Arbiters.

If you are wondering who Joe Madureira is, he’s an artist that took a hiatus from the comic world to pursue other ventures. He has a Manga style that translates well to comics with fast pacing and that are quick reads.