What’s a pull list?

If you’ve been in the shop, you’ve likely heard someone talking about a “pull list.” Whether you’ve been reading comic books for a week or a decade, a pull list is a great tool for any comic book fan. A pull list is just what it sounds like: A list of the comic books you’d like us to pull for you from our shipment each week. It’s like a subscription of your favorite reads.

The primary benefit of maintaining a pull list is not missing an issue in a series that you’re reading. When we get our books in, we fill the pull lists before anything hits the shelves, guaranteeing that you’ll have a copy even if we sell out. Another benefit is not having to come into the shop every Wednesday and not having to remember which of your favorite books are coming out each week. We’ll keep your pull list items behind the counter and you can pick them up whenever you’re in the shop. Finally, when you have a pull list, we’re better able to make personalized recommendations and suggestions for your reading pleasure!

You can put together your pull list the next time you’re in the shop — just stop by the counter and we’ll get you all set up. Call us at (610) 222-9200 or email us with any questions.