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Book & Brew Review: Moon Knight & Cali-Belgique

This is the fourth in a new series by shop regular, Chris Haas, The Book & Brew Review.

>>> Book: Moon Knight #1

nw_beer book moon knightWarren Ellis. I should just end this article on that very name, but I will not. I’m a huge fan of his work and as soon as Marvel announced that he would be writing a new Moon Knight comic, I had Jason and Mikaela put it on my pull list months ahead of time. He does write novels but if you are ever looking for other comics he has written, I suggest Transmetropolitan, Red, Black Summer, Supergod, and his work on Hellblazer.
On to the cover, the actual reason for this post. I admit, there is not a ton happening with this image, but that’s what I love about it. Black and white. Very simple. And the lines underneath the eyes is what I truly enjoy. They make me think of two things. The first thing is that of the tired superhero. A man who has been on the street and seen too many things. And the second thing would be how it draws such attention to the eyes, as if they are shining a light on the whole world when it’s in the dark. Maybe I’m reaching, but that’s what I see with those simple lines.

Kudos to Declan Shalvey. His cover is great, but if you want more, I highly recommend opening the book. His work shines throughout and every time he draws the main character, he pops on the page. Kind of like a shining light in the night. Please pick this title up.

>>> Brew: Stone Brewing Co.’s Stone Cali-Belgique

nw_beer book stone ipaAlright, so up until this bottle, I had never ha d a beer that was an interesting mix between a Belgian style and an IPA. This sort of blew my mind. For lovers of both styles, I do not see how you wouldn’t be happy with this hybrid. The most positive thing I can think about this beverage would be that the IPA aspect is toned down. It’s not like both styles are overpowering each other in any way. It’s a wonderful balance.
A modest ABV of 6.9%, this brew comes from Stone Brewing based out of Escondido, CA. They were founded in 1996 and managed to become the 10th largest craft brewery in the United States (thank you Wikipedia). I would definitely venture a guess that there most famous (or infamous if you’d prefer) beer is the Arrogant Bastard Ale. The title just jumps out at you.

And on a random note, I’ve always been a big fan of their bottles in general. The art is nice and their mascot, some devil like creature, seems to always be enjoying a great drink. Maybe it’s Hellboy…or maybe I’m just reaching.