My Little Pony CCG Release


NOTE: Due to production issues, the release has been delayed, so we’ve changed our event date.

Join us for our first My Little Pony CCG release on Sunday, May 25 at 2pm. This will be your opportunity to check out and play the very first expansion of MLP: CCG! Cost will be $15 for 3 packs and prizes. Stay tuned for more details 🙂

About the new deck:
The first expansion of MLP: CCG will go on sale May 16. According to Enterplay, MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights will add over 200 cards to the game, including two new Mane Character ponies, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. Theme decks for the release will each include two special foil Mane Character cards, representing the two game play colors featured in that deck: Luna (Purple) pairs with Rainbow Dash (Blue), and Celestia (Yellow) is combined with Rarity (White).

MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights has plenty of new features for players – Fan favorites like DJPon3 and Queen Chrysalis make their first appearances, and Mane Characters can now be found as Uncommon cards in packs, and new game play elements such as “Pumped” add excitement to game play.