Moving Update

10704142_758764764203874_3830925716978490847_nWe’ve been working hard to get the new space ready in time for our big move this week — here’s a sneak peek of the new floors 🙂

We will be open tomorrow, Thursday, November 13, however, with a very limited selection.  We’ll make sure this week’s books, customer pull boxes, and Magic cards are available.  The rest of the merchandise will be en route and not available until Friday evening or Saturday, once we open at the new space.  Open Game Night will also happen as scheduled on Thursday.

This week’s Friday Night Magic will be the very last happening in the old space; registration opens at 6:15 and the the draft will begin promptly at 6:30.

We appreciate your patience and to everyone who has helped out so far, THANK YOU! 🙂