My Little Pony CCG Prerelease

new wave_mlp ccg Discord_ID_S4E11Hello Every Pony! Come join us for a My Little Pony prerelease on April 26 at 1pm, featuring Absolute Discord! We’re exited to host our first Pony prerelease and want to make it a fun time for all Pony players.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Each participant will receive six Absolute Discord booster packs, a “Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Crash” promo card, an Absolute Discord button, and a special score counter.
  • Players will have 45 minutes to put together a deck out of the cards they get in the packs. The main deck should have no fewer than 30 cards, and no fewer than 5 problem cards.  Players will then partake in a Swiss-system tournament. The games will be played best of one.
  • First place winner receives a Lord Tirek promo card & an Absolute Discord playmat. Second place receives a Lord Tirek promo card. Throughout the tournament, there will be raffles for Absolute Discord posters and “Chaos Rules!” T-shirts.
  • Because the prerelease falls on the same day that the Chaos is Magic format is held, the tournament will adhere to the Chaos rule of the month: Color Blind! We’re expecting a metric ton of chaos.
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring there own Mane character card, but if needed, we can provide them (same with Problems, if needed). If you do bring your own Mane, we ask that you refrain from using any ultra rare Manes, sans the one(s) you may get in your booster packs.

Participation fee is $25. Contact us at or visit the shop with any questions or to register!

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