Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease


Join us for the Oath of the Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease! Pre-registration is NOW open for prerelease events, happening on April 2 & 3. Once again, we’ll have prizes, sweet promos, free pizza & of course, awesome people 🙂 Events will be held:

  • Saturday, 4/2, 12noon – Sealed, 4 rounds
  • Sunday, 4/3, 12noon – Two-Headed GIANT, 3 rounds

Space is limited, so sign up soon: Stop by the shop, call, or email: (610) 222-9200 or

Each event is $30 for your Prerelease Pack, pizza & prizes. Why should you pre-register?:

  • So you have a guaranteed spot at the event! Day-of registration will be available, but only if spots are open, of course 🙂
  • You’ll have the best chance of getting your first choice color.
  • Save 5 bucks — DAY-OF REGISTRATION WILL BE $35

Space is limited,so sign up soon: Stop by the shop, call or email: (610) 222-9200 or

On the plane of Innistrad, humanity is beset on all sides.

Horrors stalk in the shadows. Terrors scratch at doors in the night.

Only grim determination and staunch faith in their guardian archangel, Avacyn, keep them alive in this nightmarish realm. But odd things are afoot: the forces that had protected them have been twisted into something dark and strange.

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