Marvel Flip

Check out Marvel’s books on sale 7/25/2018!

X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis #1 – Ed Piskar continues his epic telling of the history of the X-Men! If you haven’t jumped in on this, do so. Whether your are a devoted, casual or new X-Men fan this is an incredible book that is accessible for everyone!

The newly weds, Gambit & Rogue, start their 1st adventure in Mr. & Mrs. X #1. The Fantastic Four True Believers continue to roll out in anticipation of Fantastic Four #1.

The second installments of X-23 & Amazing Spider-Man #2 make their way to the stands. X-23 was a really good first issue, the 2nd should prove to be just as good. Meanwhile, the jury seems to be out on the artwork for Amazing Spider-Man.

HOTLY anticipated books; Venom #4 & (sleeper hit) Sentry #2 drop this week. Venom is a no-brainer, but Sentry slid under the radar on most people’s reading list. Check out this book, Jeff Lemire has started what appears to be another awesome tale!

Infinity Wars Prime #1 (I don’t understand this stuff) kinda begins Infinity Wars? So we had Infinity Countdown, now Infinity Wars Prime only to get to Infinity Wars? Anyway, it’s Deodato art, so it should be awesome AND it’s sold out at the distributor level (check out our up-and-coming podcast #10 if you don’t know what I mean by this).

Rounding out the releases: Champtions #21, Deadpool Assassin #4, Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Madripoor #3, Old Man Logan #44, Multiple Man #2, X-Men Wakanda #1, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #33, X-Men Blue #32, Moon Knight #, Star Wars Doctor Aphra #22, Star Wars Lando Double or Nothing #3.