Top Ten Artists: 1st Submission

Top Ten Favorite Artists! I’ll be creating 10 posts to help me narrow down my favorite artists because I always find myself saying, ‘oh, they’re in my top 10!’ I’ve said this for at least 30 artists over the past year.
Not for the faint of heart.
Tim Vigil. The definition of under-rated, which is attributed to the subject matter. Tim’s work on Faust got him acclaim in the underground market, but also type-cast him as drawing demonic, hyper-sexual content. Obviously, this tends to keep you off of DC & Marvel’s radar.
His artwork is best viewed in black and white, just check out the image below. Gothic Nights is his magnum opus, just a beautiful, highly detailed piece of art that spans over two issues.
If you’re feeling peckish for some highly detailed artwork with stories that tap into the bowels of hell, this is for you.

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