What are you reading?

I waited on the trade for Something is Killing the Children and I’m glad I did. This books is a slow-burn, horror comic written by James Tynion III with art by Werther Dell’Edera. What’s it about? A bunch of children have been disappearing in a small town and a lone survivor is left to hold the weight of the town’s fear and anger. He needs a supporter in and comes when we are introduced to Erica Slaughter, a mysterious young lady that drifts into town and says she knows ‘what’ is taking the disappearing children and that she can stop it. She’s a monster killer and part of an organization that appears to handle these types of situations. The story is great and the art is solid. If you want to check out the first issue, they are reprinting it for Local Comic Shop Day, so let us know and we can order you up a copy (release: 11/18). We also carry the trade paperback if you want to jump in and read the first 5 issues! (I found this the best way as each issue had me wanting to what happens next).