More Spawns have Spawned

Todd McFarlane prepares us for 2021: the year he expands the Spawn universe, starting with a four-chapter one-shot, finalizing three new monthly titles.

Spawn’s Universe #1 one-shot

Sales for Spawn’s first issue release in 1992 set the record for most copies sold of a creator-owned comic book – and is still the reigning champ.   Get in on the ground floor for the expansion of one of the bestselling and longest-run comics: tell us you want it added to your pull list today!  Spawn Universe #1 is now available in-store.

Following the Spawn Universe one-shot, three new monthly titles are being released: King Spawn (August release), Gunslinger Spawn, and The Scorched.

King Spawn #1 cover A

McFarlane is very excited to the launching new monthly titles for the first time in almost 30 years.  He says, “I’ve waited almost 30 years to be able to get to this moment.  To deliver on ideas, I hope they will grow from this initial seed called SPAWN’S UNIVERSE #1 into a fully formed world populated with hundreds and hundreds of characters in the near future.  The stage will be set with this book, and soon I’ll be launching into new monthly titles for the first time since 1992.  I can’t wait to show comic readers all the crazy ideas in my head as well as opening up the floodgate to so many talented creators that have said they’d like to join me on this journey.”