Free Marvel Comics this Halloween!

Diamond has cancelled their Halloween ComicFest for 2021, but we’re making do! Marvel’s Halloween Extravaganza will be celebrated on Halloween at New Wave this year, instead. Stop by and celebrate the spookiest day of the year with us!

Wear. your. costume.


Our staff will all be dressed up; today more than ever, you are SO WELCOME to stop by in your costumes – cosplays are a bonus! Costumed customers will receive one of each of Marvel’s Halloween Extravaganza comics with a purchase, non-costumed customers can pick one.

Free comics are while supplies last, so be sure to come in early. And as an extra incentive to dress up (we really love seeing your costumes), $5 store gift cards will be randomly distributed to costumed customers!

Marvel’s picks this Halloween are reintroductions of some of Marvel’s hottest characters in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1, a new Daredevil and Elektra in Daredevil #28, Kate Bishop in Hawkeye #1, and a whole new Star Wars era launching in Star Wars High Republic #1.

Happy Halloween – we’ll see you here!