Batman & Brews

nw_batman black mirror_871Join us for a discussion on Batman and yummy beer tasting on January 18 at 7pm!

Batman: We’ll be reading The Black Mirror, written by S. Snyder, illustrations by Jock & F. Francavilla. The return of James Gordon Jr., reintroduced as a remorseless killer. His cold psychopathic tendencies are a black mirror of the soul that Dick Grayson sees himself reflected in; they’re completely at odds as the son of Batman & son of Gotham.

Brew: Our buddy Archie from Shangy’s beer distributor will walk us through a comprehensive beer tasting, beginning with a pale ale and working our way up to a stout. Keep an eye on this page for brew details!

Cost for Batman & Brews is $33 for the book, discussion event, and complimentary beer tasting.  Of course, this event is for those 21 years of age and over only 🙂 Registration required; stop by the shop or contact us at (610) 222-9200 or