Pre-registration is NOW open for Dragons of Tarkir prereleases

mtg dragons tarkir artJoin us for the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease! Pre-registration is NOW open for prerelease events, happening on March 21 & 22. NEW for this prerelease, we’re DOUBLING PACKS, adding other MTG gear for prize support & each standard event will be 4 ROUNDS.  As always, we’ll also have sweet promos, free pizza & of course, awesome people 🙂 Events will be held:

  • Sat., 3/21, 10am – Sealed, 4 rounds
  • Sat., 3/21, 3pm – Sealed, 4 rounds
  • Sun., 3/22, 12pm – Two-Headed GIANT, 3 rounds

Each event is $27 for your Prerelease Pack, pizza & prizes. Why should you pre-register?:

  • So you have a guaranteed spot at the event! Day-of registration will be available, but only if spots are open, of course 🙂
  • You’ll have the best chance of getting your first choice color.
  • Save 3 bucks — day-of registration will be $30.

>> Space is limited, so sign up soon!  Stop by the shop, call or email: (610) 222-9200 or

Dragons of Tarkir is designed to be drafted with Fate Reforged but not with Khans of Tarkir. Also, Dragons of Tarkir will not rotate out of Standard with Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged, but instead will rotate out with Magic 2016 due to Standard’s regulation changes. Dragons of Tarkir contains 264 cards and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. Like the one from Scourge before, the expansion symbol of Dragons of Tarkir represents a dragon’s head. (Source)

Sarkhan Vol travels 1,280 years back in time, to change the moment that sealed Tarkir’s fate: the battle between Nicol Bolas and Ugin, the demise of the latter and all dragons of Tarkir (Crux of Fate). The clans still exist back in the time; they are not fighting each other but are constantly fending off the legion hordes of dragons that are terrorizing their world. Sarkhan meets khans of the past, like Yasova Dragonclaw. The history of Tarkir is rewritten. Read more