Marvel Flip

Check out Marvel’s books on sale 8/15/2018! Be kind, POS problems :(

Due to the overwhelming volume of AWESOME customers on Saturday, our Point of Sale (POS) broke! We are feverishly working to fix it/get a new one, so please be kind 🙂 This is also why we haven’t created a post-event post yet, but it’s coming!

On to the good news, new comics on Wednesday!

Extermination #1 features a new X-Men event & it looks awesome. It’s already sold out at the distributor level, so grab a copy! (Check out the Larraz 1:25 variant below).

Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 comes out & we all remember what happened w/ the last Edge of release (for those of you who don’t remember, Spider-Gwen made her first appearance)! Cully Hamner variant below (I did not go big on this title, so reserve one if you definitely want one).

A couple annuals with Cable/Deadpool & Astonishing X-Men release & the Infinity War continues with #2. Doctor Strange #4, Deadpool Assassin #5, Hunt for Wolverine Claws of a Killer #4, Multiple Man #3, Thor #4, Weapon H #6, Tony Stark Iron Man #3 & Weapon X #22 all come out Wednesday. Rounding out Wednesday for Marvel is Star Wars Beckett #1 & Poe Dameron #30 hit the shelves.