Marvel Flip

Check out Marvel’s books on sale 8/22/2018!

I promise pics from the 5 Year Anniversary Party are coming this week!

On to this week’s Marvel books!

A VeNoM book for kids ?!?!?!?! Yes, it’s true! Marvel Super Hero Adventures Inferno #1!

Leading the way is Punisher #1! Matthew Rosenberg is continuing his run with Frank Castle. He’s out of the War Machine armor, but still ready to deal out some of his own brand of justice. This is a great issue to jump in on a new story arc!

Another new #1 is West Coast Avengers! Yes, they’re back & this go around you get BOTH Hawkeyes (Clint & Kate), Fuse, Gwenpool, America Chavez & Kid Omega! Written by Kelly Thompson, this is sure to be a fun ride with Stefano Caselli providing art!

Rounding out the week: Amazing Spider-man #4, Avengers #6, Black Panther #3, Daredevil #607, , Life of Captain Marvel #2, Old Man Hawkeye #8, Sentry #3 (Definitely should be reading this!), Venom #5, & Wakanda Forever Avengers #1.

X-Books for the week: Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Madripoor #4, Mr. & Mrs. X #2, Old Man Logan #46, X-Men Gold #34, & X-Men Red #7.

Star Wars books being released this week are: Darth Vader #20 & Doctor Aphra #23.